Hello, I am the Owner and President of 3Q’s & Hart Counseling, LLC.
I am a single mother of three sons who represent the 3Q’s in 3Q’s & Hart Counseling. My vision for 3Q’s & Hart Counseling is that it is a safe haven for single mothers struggling with depression and anxiety. It is my honor to accompany you on your journey to finding happiness because I have traveled that same path. I completely understand the many challenges single mothers face because I have overcome those same challenges as a single mother. I am able to combine my unique personal experience with 14 years of professional experience in the field of social work; and as a psychotherapist to support you during your journey to improve your physical, emotional and social well-being. The difficulties of life can be very scary when we are struggling with lack of money, feeling lonely, constant worrying about the future, lack of energy, and no motivation.
It can become overwhelming for one person. My Finding Your Way Back To Happy Methodology will help you get out of being overwhelmed so you can create a life you love.

You will learn how to fully embrace the present moment, stress management techniques, and improve your self-care routine. You will also experience the benefits of exercise therapy through our Yoga Through Anxiety and Zumba Through Depression classes. I look forward to helping you find your way back to happy!

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