I am a Maternal Child Health Professional specializing in working with women of all ages during their child bearing years.
I work with young women before they contemplate starting a family and women who need help during motherhood.
I have 21 years of professional life experience as a Maternal Child Health Hospital Social Worker.
I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy to assist clients during their healing journey.
My personal life experience includes being a teen parent, married and divorced.
I raised four children as a single parent, and I am also a grandmother.

I became a social worker because I enjoy encouraging and empowering women to express themselves and
have hope to overcome the challenges in their lives. My favorite hobby is growing plants and flowers,
and I enjoy helping my clients experience the growth they need to transform into the best version of themselves.
I look forward to helping you grow into the best version of you as you prepare to start a family, grow your family, and fully embrace motherhood!